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Not aware of your legislative requirements?You have 24/7 online access to their bylaws and access to a strata expert to guide you.
You may be in breach of legislation?Our systems mean all templates and processes we use on your behalf are compliant at all times.
Lack of planning for your building’s future needs?As a local Real Estate agent we are highly qualified to provide advice on your property investment and capital works plan.
Lack of information for good decision-making?All your strata or body corporate information is at your fingertips any time day or night via the internet.
Lack of expertise to manage your scheme?We have all the right processes and procedures in place to ensure the smooth running of their scheme.
Currency of your scheme’s insurance?We provide 24/7 online access to your insurance policy details and scheme’s annual insurance policy reviews, and we have strata insurance experts on our team to guide you.
Cost of your strata management services?We are unique in offering three different levels of service if you require it. We can tailor management solutions to fit your needs.
Managing your meetings and easy access to the minutes?We provide you with 24/7 access to all your current and past records. We professionally manage meetings, produce legislatively compliant agendas and minutes, and efficiently generate the compliant work orders, which result from meetings.
Managing repairs to meet your needs?We generate the work orders on your behalf and keep you fully informed.
Records available to all?We provide access to 100% of the schemes books and records. As a web based system you can choose when, how and what records you want to view/download or interact with 24/7.
Making financial records accessible to all?We provide LIVE 24/7 access to your scheme’s individual bank account(s). Plus monthly reports are sent to your treasurer, including annual EFY report and budget.

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